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              About Us
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              Company Profile

              DONGGUAN WINCO MACHINERY CO., LTD.is located in Houjie Town Dongguan City. We are professional manufacturer of Hydraulic Toe lasting Machines, Heel Seat Lasting Machines and Heavy-Duty Walled Sole Attaching Machines and so on. Our core technicians and engineers are with 15 years experience in producing Toe lasting machines and seat lasting machines, having skillfully mastered the operating principles of the machines, assembling & debugging technics and quality management measures and principles. We keep to the Business Philosophy “ Quality First, Customers Foremost”, adhering to the Business Principle “ People-oriented, Honest and Trustworthy”. We are ready to provide the best quality products, the most sincere service to our customers, affirmed by domestic and foreign customers.


              WIN THE QUALITY

              All the precision machine parts are produced in CNC machines to ensure the high quality;

              All the parts must be inspected by professionals, to be sure each part reaches the standard;

              All the machines must be tested by auto running for 3--5 days to ensure the perfect final performance.


              WIN THE SERVICE

              Equipped with after-sales service department, we can promptly respond to the need of customers and solve their problems in operation professionally.


              WIN THE TRUST

              Authentic Taiwan made DOFLUID Solenoid Valves, CML Oil pump, Japan made IDEC Relay and NOK seals are used in machines, good quality, perfect performance.


              WIN THE WORLD

              Complete sales network, good reputation, our machines are sold worldwide, creating the win-win cooperation with our customers.