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              YK-681 After molding mahine


              The lining, plastic sheet and upper will be more attached, crease-proof, non-deforming and non-foaming.

              The projecting lamp can gains accurate molding position.

              Adjust the clamper to enable the upper and shoe last 100% attaching.

              The inside and outside moulds is customized according to the shoe last to gain more perfect outlook.

              The hot temperature is adjustable to get the perfect soft shape.

              The cold molds temperature can be up to -30℃.

              Wiper mechanism is selectable. Upper could be molding inside, as well as the function is selectable for stitching down shoes.


                   机械尺寸Dimension (L×W×H) : 890×1480×2000mm

                   产量Capacity :1500(Pairs) / 8 Hr

                   净重N.W : 640kgs

                   气压Air pressure : 0.6Mpa

                   电压Voltage : 220V/50HZ

                   功率Power : 2.7kw