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              YK-818 Heavy-duty Walled Sole Attaching Machine

              1. Fully hydraulic design assures enough pressure and a firm joint.

              2. Sole-pressing, side-pressing and toe & heel forming can be processed synchronously or separately. The machine is applicable for flat base, serging and special serging design shoes. It creates high efficiency.

              3. The multiple oil cylinders design is perfect for irregular shoe side and produces an even side-press effect free of dead angle.

              4. Pressure-connection of two pressing-bars makes pressure even to the outsole and without void. Also, with automatic pressing-bar locating system, shoes can be in/out easily.




                   Dimension:1200×1150×1930 mm

                   Packing Size:1300×1300×2100 mm

                   Daily Capacity:2000 Pairs/8 hr

                   N. W. : 1300KG

                   G. W.: 1500KG

                   H.P: 3HP